Angry Birds Go 2

A fun angry birds Go racing game. Let’s go, driving your car, beat all the competitors! PS:In this game, the most important thing is to keep balance! Care do not fall down! Help the red bird in a long and dangerous journey to the pigs cave in order to put an end to their annoying behavior by defeating the king and recover.
The most exciting games with and about Angry Birds Go you’ll find here. Play candy crush saga

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One great scary prank involves downloading a maze game and setting this up on your laptop or personal computer. You should ask a friend or family member to start playing the game. Of course, maze games will require the person to put in a lot of effort, time and concentration solving everything. Prepare a scary picture and set this in a way that it suddenly pops out of nowhere or fills the entire screen. It is best to include sound effects for this scary prank for a shocking effect. Sit back and observe as your friend goes through the entire setup. You can do the same by letting a friend watch a serene scene or movie then putting a very scary picture in the middle.

More Scary Pranks

Another good scary prank is referred to as the skeleton motorcycle setup. This will require you to have some technical skills. Pulling everything off smoothly will require some practice and research on your part, but it does work wonders once you get everything right. To perform the prank, you will need to position a skeleton onto a motorcycle. Look for a model that has a movable mouth, to make it seem as if he’s talking. Connect a speaker on the skeleton and set the motorcycle using a remote control.

You can then set the skeleton on a motorcycle along a quiet part of the street, so that it starts to ride up to unsuspecting people. The skeleton will start moving up along and can talk to them. This is great if you can record everything with a video camera. Most people will run for their lives with this trick.

Another Classic Prank

You can try getting a seemingly real mannequin head, then positioning it on the bed right beside somebody who’s sleeping. Use blankets and pillows to form the body under the sheets. You can then start waking the person up to check out his reaction as soon as he sees the mystery figure beside him. Snap a photo or record everything in video, especially the facial expressions.
More Rules and Guidelines

There are thousands of scary pranks you can try out there. You should try searching the web for videos to get some inspiration. Be creative and try to make your own original pranks. Be sure to select your targets carefully, since some individuals do not like being the subject all the time. You should also make sure that no one gets hurt in the process. You should refrain from throwing scary pranks on sick people, the elderly and those that cannot handle stress and anxiety very well. This can lead to fights and other complications if you don’t choose your targets carefully. Also, don’t just randomly throw a scary prank on people for fun. Make sure your timing is perfect all the time.

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I’m sure some of you must be heard about this game before, as this game is out there on Facebook and also some other platform. Candy Crush saga is an easy puzzle game with interesting game play, along with colorful graphic as well as sweet candy the game has get so much interest on the markets. With over 1 million download globally surely this game already grow to be one of the most popular games for Android device. For those who hasn’t play the game yet and want to know what this game provides, just find out the splashes and feature of Candy Crush Saga below.


Located on a front page on Google Play as being the editor pick, Candy Crush Saga certainly has something extraordinary. Since you may know, Candy Crush Saga Download is an easy puzzle game where the goal is to arrange several candy using a same colors to obtain bonus. Similar to another easy puzzle game, this game offers quite challenging level as well as quite difficult to master. You must think properly before you make a decision to create huge bonus. While you progress the level become harder and also the challenges could make you thrill. There are several power up to pick up and help you complete each challenges including booster plus charm.
When you complete each level, sometime you will unlock certain item that may help you gain massive bonus and finished the level more easy, nevertheless these items only can be acquired once you gain particular achievement. The first level and forth is pretty easy, but if you reach to the next stage and area you’ll see why the game has a lot of challenge there. Playing this game while waiting for someone or when you bored and wish to spend some free time is really a fun way without a doubt.
The graphic is simple yet interesting enough to cause you to keep hungry for the candy. The background music is sweet and can make you dive into the candy world easily. For the control it is very simple much like some other puzzle game mainly, you only need to swipe to safely move the candy or simply tap to pick it. Candy Crush Saga provides more than 100 levels to complete and every level giving fun as well as simple game play yet tricky to master. You’ll be able to check out your score as well as compare it together with another player on Global leader board, or in case you wish to contest with your friend, you can simply synch it with your Facebook account.
Though candy crush saga is one of the hottest games available, nonetheless sometime the level get repetitive and you also probably get bored once you play it for too much time, the entire concept is definitely fun and its a great easy puzzle games. For those who trying to find this type of game, Candy Crush Saga is certainly among the finest choices available alongside angry bird, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope, and more. You’ll be able to grab Candy Crush Saga on Google play for free.

Online Flash Games community

It has been demonstrated consistently that web games are exceptionally famous because of the way that they are free and the mixed bag of games like duck life 3 accessible to the masses is really very huge, to such an extent that these destinations have a tendency to be called group gaming locales and truth be told they satisfy this notoriety in light of the fact that they do accumulate a quite a few people intrigued by internet gaming. Around the most prevalent classes in flash game requisition we have card games, shooting, activity, system, arcade and prepackaged games.

Today we are going to discuss shooting games, this specific class has gotten renowned on the grounds that the exact initial couple of games that were advertised through stand alone supports finished actually incorporate shooting, back in the early 80s Atari concocted a wide mixture of games which were bad in the visual office – sort to talk – however they were truly incredible when it went to the diversion esteem they could give. Later on these extremely same ideas were enhanced as innovation permitted gaming organizations to improve the design of each one game, this has been a continuous procedure which even today is constantly done.

Flash games found on the web take the best components of reassure games and goes along with it with the force of the Web, in view of this flash engineering and gaming provisions can stack a considerable measure speedier in our programs even at restricted velocities. A great case of a shooting game is called “criminal interest” this flash game shows a cop who fundamentally goes out of control executing all the terrible fellows he experiences on his city, the first level of the game is really simple, the controls you will be utilizing are the and down, left and right keys of your catchphrase keeping in mind the end goal to control the movement of the cop, you will additionally need to utilize your mouse within request to point and shoot your weapon.

As you development from level to level you will find that the foes will be covering up in better places for example, some will be sitting tight for you behind open seats, others will be inside structures pointing at you from a window and the hardest ones will drive by on an auto and will even utilize a helicopter. All things considered this is an incredible web shooting game which indicates all the components of comparable gaming provisions found in this sort, this specific kind of games are difficult to beat which is the reason it is prescribed to situated aside a great measure of time just for your online diversion needs.

Pokemon games online

play online pokemon games with confidence and suggest your friends. pokemon is a charcter of love and care. mostly kids play pokemon games as it’s not only a game for just entertainment but also saurce of learning some thing special. such a help and care of other. we can say that pokemon games are the best games for kids, specially for girls. parents must suggest their kids to play this type of amazing games.

Online action games are becoming more and more popular these days. Surprisingly, not only children but adults too are addicted to action thriller games. These games are exciting as they require speed and quick response time from the players. They are the perfect source of enjoyment, relaxation and even stress buster for many people. Playing these can be a real stress buster after a hectic working day. This is why all age groups people play it. Earlier, it was a scenario that only kids play games, but now even adults are making it more credible.

Flappy bird game

Everyone praised flappy bird due to its simplicity.Although the game has been removed by the owner due to his personal reasons But this game has won the hearts of million peoples.The flappy bird is no more a under-rated game the day since its has been launched.The games looks so easy but its very hard to score points because its not easy to handle the bird.You need to avoid the bird not to hit the pillars.If it hits you will loose the game.People always search the Online version of this game.Here you can play this game online 

The main USP of these games are their approachability. One can play these games online by paying nothing. Anyone can play these games for free and can enjoy. Action Games includes striking games, fighting, star wars, wrestling and situational games. Some popular games of action category are Horse Rancher, Bleach Training 2, 3-d missile and many more

Subway surfers games Online

Subway surfer is a very popular android game in the current era.Everyone loves to play this game.If you love playing running games online then you will definitely gonna love this awesome game.Whats in the game? The Kids is running in the subway and stealing coins which are in his way.The station master are also running to catch him.If he caught by him you will loose the game.This game has many levels.The most interesting about this game is It has no end.You always keep running to save your self.You can also play Subway surfer game online and have ultimate Fun.

With advanced use of graphics and animation, these type of games are bound to attract anybody. But they are not just about technology or mindless gaming. Great animation combined with a good storyline can keep the users on the edge of their seats. They are anxious to know about the ending, thus keeping them hooked to these games as long as possible. They are much better than video games in every sense.

There are lots of characters in the game with which you can play Subway Surfers and the game also got one shop from where you can buy special power ups and customize your character.

The sound track being played behind the game all the time is superb and it will further help you to become addictive and rest of the thing is managed by the rich game play and graphics.

Play Subway Surfers game Online at

Dora Games And Hello Kitty Games

Dora games are very intrusting games i love to play and people love that type of graphics and tricks. There is huge collection of Dora games like Dora bubble shooter , Dora Waterfall Jump,  Dora Stunts, Dora Ski Jump, Skateboarding, Halloween Adventure, Great Adventure, Sekerland and some other best online games.

here is a huge variety of action category games available on the online gaming portal. Most of the websites provide online action games. One can easily download them and play them for free. Today there is a huge number of gaming portals and game designers coming up with innovative ideas to attract the net users. The best part of the free games is that one can play them anywhere and anytime without buying expensive game consoles.